Visa application, support for foreign entrepreneurs,
foreign employment advisor, and living support

We will act as a bridge between Japanese companies and foreigners and support them so that they can live in Japan with peace of mind.

Please feel free to consult with us about visa and foreign employment!

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Please leave the procedures and concerns to us other than applying for VISA!

Specialists from various fields will solve the tasks and issues required by foreigners and Japanese companies, such as permanent residence and naturalization, support for foreign entrepreneurs, procedures for the transfer and employment of foreign employees to Japan, and relocation, with the main focus being on VISA.



Why the company is chosen

  1. 01 One-stop service by the general service group

    The Yanagi KAJI Group's domain experts will work together to support you.

  2. 02 The real estate network

    Staff with a wealth of real estate knowledge and networks can help foreigners find housing.

  3. 03 Tax and Financial Consulting for Foreign Entrepreneurs

    Not only do you apply for a visa, but you can also rely on financial and tax consulting.

  4. 04 Multilingual, Female Staffing

    Please feel free to consult with us so that we can dispel any anxiety you may have.


Q and A

Reasons for choosing our company

  • Q

    I can't go to consult with you on business weekdays and days, so can I consult with you at night, on Saturdays and Sundays, or on holidays?


    I can consult with you.
    First, please contact us by phone or by using the contact form.
    If you make a reservation in advance, we will be available between 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
    It is also possible to make a reservation after hours.

  • Q

    Is it possible to respond in a foreign language?


    You can consult in English, Chinese and Korean.
    Please contact us by telephone or by using the contact form.
    I will arrange a person who can handle it.

  • Q

    Is there a time limit for free counseling?


    There is no time limit for free consultation.
    It depends on the type of visa you apply for and your situation, but in most cases you will be asked for an hour's consultation.
    Please don't worry about the issues you want to solve or the questions you have questions about, and please take your time to discuss them.


Please check the flow to the procedure before the reservation for free consultation.

  1. 01

    Contact us

    Please feel free to contact us via telephone, SNS, and inquiry form with questions and questions.

  2. 02

    Free consultation

    We will ask foreign employees who are planning to join the company or the person in charge of the company about their work schedules and concerns, and will give them advice on issues and problems.

  3. 03


    We will provide you with an estimate after consulting with you and we will conclude the contract if you agree.

  4. 04

    Collection and preparation of necessary documents

    We will carefully examine the case and proceed with the collection and preparation of necessary documents.

  5. 05

    Application and Receipt from the Immigration Bureau

    Our administrative procedure specialist will apply to the Immigration Bureau.I will let you know as soon as I receive the result.

  6. 06

    After-sales follow-up

    To help foreigners live in Japan with peace of mind, we will help them with various procedures and problems. The consultation is free of charge.

Consultation is free

Consultations are available via telephone, SNS, and inquiry forms.
Please contact us first.